It was all excitement at Carapace HQ last month.

Although the Carapace has not yet launched we wanted to see what the reaction would be like from fellow car enthusiasts and agreed there was no better place to do that, than at the Practical Classics show at the NEC. For the first time ever, we brought ‘Carapace’ to the public, and the response we had over the weekend (and since then) has been fantastic!


carapace interest The Carapace attracted lots of attention at the show


We were kept busy all weekend by visitors to the show interested in finding out more. It was great to hear what everyone thought and all the positive responses we had. It’s made us even more eager to get the Carapace into production.

It’s also made us investigate other shows we should be part of. If you have any ideas for us as to where we should next bring the Carapace then do let us know.